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Enjoy a luxurious bath or shower

Turn your bath time into an everyday luxury. Natural sea sponges are ultra-soft and impressively absorbent. They create a thick lather and offer a rich revitalizing sensation during and after bath.

Use your favorite soap or cleanser and feel the goodness of the sea on your skin.


Make your skin glow again

Our bathing sea sponges will provide you with an excellent daily scrub and natural skin exfoliation that will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

Our natural facial sponges will help you massage and revive your face, and keep your complexion healthy and young for many years.


Naturally maintain hygiene

Natural sea sponges are rich in natural enzymes that prevent the formation & growth of bacteria, fungi, and even mould. Their natural self-cleaning system – a series of intricate channels – makes them an ultra-hygienic bathroom tool.

Our sponges contain no toxins or other petroleum by-products. They are hypoallergenic, do not irritate the skin, and do not cause allergies or retain odors.

100% sustainably harvested ocean sponges | Jordan Benedict London, UK
100% sustainably harvested ocean sponges | Jordan Benedict London, UK

Our sea sponges come in giftable boxes and make a thoughtful gift idea for every occasion.