Have you ever looked at the price of a natural sea sponge and thought to yourself “Wow, this is expensive!”? What could possibly make a simple bath sponge cost that much? Well, let’s see why.

Sea sponges are one of the ocean’s natural treasures. They have been used for millennia by many cultures all over the world for purposes of personal hygiene, general cleaning, pottery, painting and even as a medical tool. In many places, the sea sponge was the only sponge people knew and used.

Today, however, the sea sponge is kind of a luxury product. Synthetic sponges are cheap and that makes them commonly used. But a good natural sea sponge is hard to come by and it is not supposed to be cheap. The risks associated with diving and harvesting, its rarity, its demanding processing, all make it a costly product.

Only 6-7 species of sea sponges (out of the more than 8,000) are of any commercial value. Furthermore, the sea sponge as raw material is far from the finished product that you would use in your bathroom. That happens only after it has been processed and nothing about its processing is industrialized.

The bath or facial sponge you finally get is a completely natural product where all its processes – from harvesting to cleansing, cutting, sorting and packaging – are done by hand. And this is why you should be wary of sea sponges that are sold suspiciously cheap. Low prices may imply bad quality, poor processing and ultimately a risk for your hygiene.

“Yes, this is all fine”, we hear you say, “but it still doesn’t explain why I might want to switch to a natural sea sponge”.

Wait…and read on.

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01. Naturally maintain hygiene.

The natural sea sponge is perhaps the most hygienic bathroom tool your skin can come in contact with. Used since ancient times, its superiority in hygiene is unmatched.

Sea sponges are by nature antibacterial as they are rich in natural enzymes that prevent the formation and growth of bacteria, fungi and even mould. They are also gifted with a system of intricate channels that helps them naturally self clean. This is the reason why sea sponges do not retain any odors or develop bad smell.

When you buy a sea sponge from Jordan Benedict London, you can rest assure that it contains no toxins or other petroleum by-products. It is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin nor causes allergies.

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02. Turn your bath-time into an everyday luxury.

Natural sea sponges are ultra soft and impressively absorbent. They hold a lot of water without dripping, create thick luscious lather and offer a rich revitalizing sensation during and after bath.

Use your favorite soap or cleanser and turn your bath or shower into an everyday luxury. Smooth as silk and friendly to the skin, the natural sea sponge creates beautiful feelings of pleasure, relaxation and cleanliness.

Be warned though! After having used a quality natural sea sponge you may never be find it easy to go back to synthetic sponges again.

When you switch to natural sea sponges, you’ll love them so much that you may find it difficult to go back to using any other type of bath sponge again.

100% organic & biodegradable natural sea sponges | Jordan Benedict London, UK

At Jordan Benedict London, our natural bath sponges come with a hanging cord attached which will be particularly useful for hanging and drying your sponge.

03. Make your skin glow again.

Natural sea sponges are top-notch exfoliators. They have a unique ability to both exfoliate and cleanse without stripping away and damaging healthy skin (unlike loofahs).

Softly textured, the sea sponge provides an excellent daily scrub that will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin from head to toe. The minuscule “spikes” along its surface penetrate the pores and cleanse them from dirt, oil, and other impurities.

Try our sea sponges for the body. They will offer you gentle yet thorough exfoliation, remove dead skin cells, boost blood circulation and help reveal a younger, fresher-looking you from underneath.

Want a radiant face? Our facial sponges will help you reduce dry or flaky patches, revive and keep your complexion healthy and young for many years.

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Make your skin glow again with Jordan Benedict natural face care sponges

Soak your sponges into bucket of water and vinegar (or water and baking soda), in order to disinfect it, restore its volume and prolong its life.

04. Protect sensitive skin

If you are one of those people with sensitive skin or a skin condition, you might have an even better reason to switch to natural sea sponges.

Synthetic sponges are often treated with antimicrobial chemicals to combat bacteria and mold build-up. These are toxic substances that may cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.

Generally, people with specific skin concerns should avoid chemicals that might cause flare-ups of their skin conditions.

On the other hand, a soft natural sea sponge is a much more appropriate option for sensitive skin. Velvet-like and friendly to the skin, it contains no chemicals, dyes, or other toxic substances that might cause further irritation.

Suggested products for sensitive skin:
Natural wool sea sponge
Luxury soft wool sea sponge

05. Best baby bath sponge.

The natural sea sponge is the safest option for washing babies and toddlers as its natural qualities protect their delicate skin.

Hypoallergenic, absorbent, and yet surprisingly soft, the sea sponge is the ideal product for gentle yet thorough cleansing of your baby’s skin.

Free of petroleum bi-products and full of enzymes that eliminate unwanted bacteria, a good quality sea sponge is the most hygienic baby bath sponge.

Due to their natural microfiber texture, sea sponges will not scratch the skin. Instead, they will offer your baby perfect skin care and a pleasing sensation like the feel of velvet.

Choose simple and smooth circular moves as you use them.

Suggested products for baby bath:
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Baby bath natural sea sponge 2pk

Soft, smooth and impressively absorbent, natural sea sponges are the safest and most hygienic baby bath sponges.

Order natural sea sponges online at Jordan Benedict store

Soft, smooth and impressively absorbent, natural sea sponges are the safest and most hygienic baby bath sponges.

06. Durability & long life

Unlike synthetic sponges and loofahs, natural sea sponges are known to have quite a long life. Because they are resistant to the build-up of bacteria and mildew, they will not fall apart in a few weeks like other types of bath sponges.

A good Mediterranean sea spongeproperly maintained and cared forwill last you for many months, perhaps even beyond that. That means you don’t need to spend good money buying sponges every now and then.

Suggested products with long life:
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Natural honeycomb sea sponge
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And, of course…Natural sea sponges are eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, and organic, etc., etc. No doubt. But many things are that. Many things are that. However, very few hygiene accessories will do for you all of the above.

So, what do you think? Isn’t it now about time to switch to natural sea sponges?