Order your natural sea sponge online

Sponges are, without a doubt, the main and most necessary accessory to clean your body during the bath, but the type you decide on will greatly change its properties, and thus, the benefits you’ll receive from your sponge.

We recommend not buying synthetic products, generally made from wood cellulose fibers, plastic polymer foam, triclosan, polyurethane or other petroleum by-products. These chemical and artificial components are not the best choice for your skin – especially if you are one of those with very sensitive skin.

At Jordan Benedict, we sell excellent quality Mediterranean & Caribbean sea sponges for bathing and shower, as well as for cleansing your face (face care sponges). Our sea sponges will offer you natural exfoliation, help you revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, and provide you with a daily sensation of freshness that will surprise and delight you.

We only sell 100% organic and biodegradable natural sea sponges. Visit our store and explore our sponge products at the best prices! Remember: We offer free delivery to all UK, France, Germany and Italy destinations on orders over £25.